The Mindset Shift That Can Change Everything For You

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This past week I was traveling and as I sat on the airplane for the 4 hours each way I had plenty of things available to occupy my time. As always, I try to take advantage of being locked in a tube in the sky free of distractions to accomplish some things that otherwise I seem to procrastinate on [...]

Where To Begin When Choosing a Business Entity?

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Starting up a business can be the most rewarding, profitable, and life changing decision anybody can make. Let’s face it, it’s the American Dream to be independent and financially free, right? But why do so many Americas choose to be employees instead of business owners? For many, it’s the lack of “security” (how secure is your life when your manager [...]


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The real estate investing curriculum, offered both online and in a live classroom, includes classes beginning at 100-level and increasing in complexity to 400-level. All classes are taught by “practitioner instructors” who work hands-on in the areas they teach, so you can be confident that the strategies are current and applicable to real-life investing! The courses adhere to the Instructional [...]


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When students experience the education and the benefits that come along with being part of our Community of like minded investors, they are happy to share their excitement. When their friends see how their lives have changed as a result of applying the principles of the education, they want to be a part of it too! Earn income by assisting [...]